Screenshot from the Fitbit App gallery showing the Fruit Tracker

Most Americans do not eat enough fruit and vegetables, and I am among them. However, detailed food tracking has never worked for me. It’s too much work, and quite frankly, I don’t care exactly how many calories I’m taking in, or milligrams of salt or whatever. I just want to know, in a general sense, what did I eat today and was it good for me?

That was my inspiration behind Fruit Tracker, which is a dead-simple Fitbit app. Turn it on after you’ve had a banana or a salad, estimate how many servings of fruit and veg it represents, and tap the counter to increase (or decrease) your serving count.

The counter remembers, until the day after tomorrow, how many fruits and vegetables you ate today, and then resets. That’s it.

I use this now in conjunction with the FOSS app Loop Habit Tracker. A popup appears at 8am every morning asking “how many fruits and vegetables did you eat yesterday?” and my wrist now reminds me.

Fruit Tracker is available, free, on the Fitbit Gallery for Sense, Versa 2 and Versa 3.