Secrets of Swift Sales

BRANDON GREEN RESOLVED to try his hand at real estate after watching a late-night infomercial in 2000. Bored with his job in sales as an IT recruiter in Silver Spring, Green paid $19.95 for Carlton Sheets’s “No Down Payment” video, and applied himself. “My first project was a complete overhaul of a house, 727 11th Street, NE,” he recalls.

Just Prove Him Wrong

HEY, DUMMY. Get over here and stop ruining your life.

Larry Winget, the Pitbull of Personal Development and star of A&E’s short-lived reality show, “Big Spender,” says in his new book that you – yes, you – are an idiot.

Schooled: Inside D.C.’s oldest and only independent learning center

BLACKJACK DEALING. Resume writing. Improve your life. Make more money. Become more attractive. Turn that great invention idea into reality. Heck, is that Sudoku puzzle too hard for you? There’s a class for that, too. Washington’s source for educational seminars both serious and off-the-wall is First Class Inc., that business whose brochures are usually nestled … Continue Reading

Funnier than Fiction: Bill Maher

YOU CAN’T SAY BILL MAHER IS AFRAID of offending people. After the “Real Time With Bill Maher” host’s broadcast show, “Politically Incorrect,” got pulled off the air after some of his post-9/11 comments, he took his political humor and commentary to a more receptive audience at HBO. But it’s stand-up Maher prefers. “Telling jokes to … Continue Reading

Names & Faces

Cheeky Request or Jest? Could there be another wedding at the Bush ranch in Crawford, Tex., this time between two women? During an upcoming episode of her talk show, Ellen DeGeneres asked Jenna Bush Hager and first lady Laura Bush for permission to use the spread for her planned wedding to longtime partner Portia de … Continue Reading