Give Me Bacon or Give Me More Bacon

“Bacon cereal.” “Bacon lollipop.” “Bacon spaghetti.” “Bacon bread.” “Bacon coffee.” “Bacon beer.”

In a sane world, none of these exact phrases would return any hits when plugged into Google. This is not a sane world.

New Years’ Adventures

WE’LL KEEP IT SHORT and sweet: Losing weight, saving money and learning a new language are old hat. This year, resolve to challenge your palate and try something new. We have a handy checklist for adventurous diners to refer to over the course of 2009, with options here for vegetarians as well as carnivores. Happy eating!

Fun With Fungi: National Mushroom Month

SIGH — association people. You know, those people who sit on the various food or dish councils have to keep themselves in business somehow. Where else could National Mushroom Month have come from? But wait — these mycological marvels may really deserve a celebration. Ferial Welsh — aka “The Mushroom Lady” — can tell you … Continue Reading

Snacks in Store: On the Gourmet

EARLY SUNDAY MORNING at the West End farmer’s market, before it gets too hot, shoppers strolling from stall to stall can take their pick of bok choy, bell peppers, and Ozark plums. The usual suspects are here: joggers with dogs, women with armloads of flowers wrapped in newspaper, and at the far end, Sara Guerre … Continue Reading

Shack to the Future

Washington City Paper “Is there somewhere around here I can get a quick lunch, like a half-smoke, maybe?” The question catches the man pushing his Fayette Street door open for fresh air off-guard. “Sure, there’s a Five Guys two blocks that way.” Are you kidding me? You live three blocks from the greatest, oldest, stubbornest … Continue Reading

D.C. on the Hoof: Metro Food Tours

Combine a passion for food, a love of history and a freshly minted MBA and what do you get? Mostly, a very full stomach. The new DC Metro Food Tours takes tourists and locals on gastronomically oriented walking tours of D.C. hot spots. The company so far focuses on Old Town Alexandria, but the owner … Continue Reading