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Rider takes challenges of competing internationally in stride
The first obstacle was the cost: $25,000.Then there was the horse’s injury.

Obstacles, though, are nothing to Becca Hart, a 22-year-old Erie native who is one of four Americans selected to compete at the Fédération Equestre Internationale World Para Dressage Championships. The competition in July at Hartpury College in Gloucestershire, England, is one of the most, if not the most, prestigious championship in the world for physically disabled riders.

Drawn to Drew’s Clues

Before Veronica Mars, before Velma and Daphne — yes, even before Trixie Belden — there was Nancy Drew.

The plucky girl detective, beloved by women of all ages, has been solving mysteries for almost 80 years. Now, with the movie “Nancy Drew” in theaters Friday, it’s time for an investigation of one of America’s favorite sleuths.

What makes us go wild for Drew?

Simple. It’s the suspense.

“I like the classic elements of a mystery coupled with an adventure,” says Allison Counasse, 34, of Erie. These elements — at least in Nancy Drew’s world — Counasse says, are “a treasure, a quest, a ghost, intrigue.”

Then there are the stolen jewels, the anonymous telephone threats — all things that could keep the most hardened 10-year-old awake at night.

Juggling Act

First, Jennifer Reichert lost her cell phone.

Then one day, when she was in class, Reichert’s mother-in-law fell and dislocated her hip.

“My husband had the baby (Ryan), and he was supposed to pick Casey (their 10-year-old son) up from school,” said Reichert, 30, of Millcreek. But instead, Reichert’s husband, Tom, had to take his mother to the hospital, leaving Casey without a ride.

When she got home at 3 p.m., she found her mother waiting to tell her that Casey needed to be picked up in 10 minutes. Reichert rushed to Our Lady of Peace School.

When she arrived, her son wasn’t there.

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    […] has been on my mind recently because of my story about Becca Hart. And now of course I realize that I did use the word “obstacles” quite a few times, […]

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