Smithsonian: The Age of Humans
Smithsonian.com received a grant to increase its coverage of climate change and other human-caused changes to the planet. For one fiscal year, I worked with editors there to design a content plan for the new section. I recruited writers and assigned stories, turning ideas into fully fledged features and news pieces. View that section here.

Smithsonian: Journey to the Center of Earth
I took over a geology section in progress, again, working with editors to develop a content plan for the rest of the budgeted-for time, and working with writers to develop story ideas. See it here.

American Institute of Physics: SPS Observer/Radiations magazine
SPS Observer is the magazine of the Society of Physics Students; Radiations is the official publication of Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society. For both publications I help edit stories, brainstorm ideas and proofread final products.