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Cheeky Request or Jest?

Could there be another wedding at the Bush ranch in Crawford, Tex., this time between two women? During an upcoming episode of her talk show, Ellen DeGeneres asked Jenna Bush Hager and first lady Laura Bush for permission to use the spread for her planned wedding to longtime partner Portia de Rossi.”The ranch was a great place to get married,” DeGeneres said. “It looked like nobody could fly over and get pictures or bother you, really.” When Hager agreed, DeGeneres followed with “So, can we borrow it for our wedding?”

A smiling Hager responded, “Sure,” reports. The White House did not immediately offer further comment yesterday. The episode of the show was taped last week and is expected to air Wednesday.

DeGeneres announced plans to marry de Rossi, her longtime partner, following the California Supreme Court’s reversal this month of a law banning gay marriage. Texas does not sanction same-sex marriage.

Last week, DeGeneres asked John McCain if he would walk her down the aisle; the presidential candidate just laughed.

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