Tooting my own horn

Some articles I’ve worked on lately that are now up at Rider takes challenges of competing internationally in stride The first obstacle was the cost: $25,000.Then there was the horse’s injury. Obstacles, though, are nothing to Becca Hart, a 22-year-old Erie native who is one of four Americans selected to compete at the Fédération […]

Interviewing by instant message

Leann Frola, a Naughton Fellow at Poynter, posted an interview she did with a MediaBistro blogger who’s been hired by the New York Times. The content of the interview is interesting; I always love to hear about bloggers who’ve been snapped up to teach mainstream media what’s what (hint, hint!), even if more questions are […]

Worth Reading: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Meta

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Meta from last January’s issue of Technology Review (how do I FIND these things?) profiles Charles Simonyi, who designed Microsoft Office (as well as worked on the world’s first word processor, back at Xerox PARC). He’s perhaps the most successful programmer in the world. (The article makes the […]

Free NYT crossword

The NYT, which usually keeps all but its archival Monday crossword puzzles completely under wraps, is offering a web-only Sunday puzzle this week. It’s “by Lee Iacocca” which in this case means he wrote the clues and somebody else put the grid together. I also wonder if he wrote all the clues, or just the […]

The Job I Hope I Never Have

Soap opera recap writer. All My Children: Annie is amazed over Ryan’s insistence that he would risk perjuring himself instead of ever testifying against Zach. Ryan and Annie don’t see eye to eye where Greenlee is concerned as Annie admits she empathizes with her plight. Ryan and Annie’s argument ends unresolved. Annie wonders if she […]

Diversion of the day: The Book Inscriptions Project

The Book Inscriptions Project collects interesting or odd notes written on the inside of a book. Example: JAN. 22, 1969 dear Tim— This glorious book has very many weird stories in it. It is also a Playboy book- so when you read this book think of the weirdest, sexiest girl, you will think of me […]

Do You Speak American?

After finding PBS’s web site for Do You Speak American? I intended to have a long post on this topic, but I’ve been browsing through the material for days and have still found no end to it. It looks as if there was a documentary broadcast on TV back in 2005, and the producers organized […]

PSA from your resident grumpy writer (or: In Defense of Lowly “Said”)

Today I am grumpy. It seems one of the most popular search terms for sending people to my blog is “words to use instead of ‘said’.” People, why are you searching for this? What’s wrong with “said”? I have touched on this in an earlier post, but I want to reiterate. Even in more “colorful” […]

Worth Reading: Why We Compete

Kevin Streelman arrived, as always, by car. He placed his Callaway golf clubs in the trunk of his Toyota Camry parked outside his condo in Scottsdale, Ariz., wasted two hours in Phoenix rush hour and then drove 300 miles northwest to Las Vegas. He stopped only once, for gas. Streelman already had logged almost 6,000 […]

On woodchucks, bits of butter, and buggy bumpers

If you stick a stock of liquor in your locker, it is slick to put a lock upon your stock. For some joker who is quicker will rob you of your liquor if you fail to lock your liquor with a lock. I came across this page of tongue twisters by accident yesterday. I love […]